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Personalized Tutoring for Success


Personalized Math Tutoring

The Parent Experience

“I am working with Debora for math tutoring of my daughter for past 2 years. She has been very pleasant person who understands the needs of kids and I can say with full confidence that it has produced great results for my daughter. I highly recommend her company for math tutoring.” –Arshad S., Newton

“Deborah has access to experienced teachers in all subject areas, and, best of all, her tutors work with students in their own homes, so there’s no commuting.” –Meryl L., Belmont

“Deborah has provided excellent caliber tutors who have worked extremely well with my child. She chose the tutors mindfully and they matched the personality, learning style and needs of my child. I would highly recommend Active Minds Tutoring if you are looking for the services of well-trained tutors for your child.” –Maxine H., Wellesley

“My daughter had wonderful experiences with two different Active Minds tutors… My daughter is easily distracted, but these women were able to keep her engaged and interested. With the support she received from them in 7th grade, her grades improved that year and were excellent the following year. I highly recommend Active Minds tutoring.” –Harriet F., Newton

"Deborah Brooks has supplied our daughter with six different tutors over the past two years for Geometry, Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, English, History and Spanish. Our daughter has several disabilities, which makes attending high school extremely challenging and limited. ...Each of the tutors goes far above and beyond than simply teaching her the material; they also show flexibility with scheduling, compassion, patience, light-heartedness and humor. ...Deborah is extraordinarily pleasant to work with. We place our full faith in Active Minds Tutoring to guide our daughter to finish out her high school years and support her goal of graduating on time with her peers, a feat that simply wouldn’t be possible without Deborah and her team of professionals." -Tina M., Belmont

The Tutor Experience

“Deborah works tirelessly to make sure that her tutors provide the highest quality instruction possible and her guidance ensures a consistency that is rare in the tutoring business. She is wonderful to work for and I highly recommend this company to all students and tutors alike.” –Josh A., Math and Science Tutor

“I highly recommend ActiveMinds Tutoring as one of the best tutoring services available in New England. I believe Deborah Brooks to be a conscientious, reliable and dedicated worker of the highest integrity.” –Robert W., M.I.T. Research Scientist

“Deborah is a skilled communicator--personable and professional in every interaction, and it has been a pleasure to work for her… She is dedicated to hiring highly qualified tutors and supporting the tutors in any way she can.” –Kelly M., Elementary School Teacher

“ActiveMinds is an incredibly well-run tutoring service. Deborah clearly has a knack for placing tutors with students of good fit; my tutoring experiences were all incredibly positive and I have maintained relationships with all the families well past moving out of the greater Boston area.” –Matthew M., History Tutor

“Deborah is very knowledgeable and personable and has always provided me with great feedback and support... I have gained invaluable experience at ActiveMinds and have enjoyed the tutoring so much that I have recruited friends to work for the company as well. ActiveMinds is a wonderful local business, and I strongly recommend it to any tutors looking for a rewarding experience as well as to any parents seeking great academic support for their kids.” -Diana L., Writing Tutor




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